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Do you have a secret addiction to online shopping? Think you are a ‘miss shopping know-it-all’? Here is your chance to shine! Blogshop Magazine is now inviting guest writers to contribute articles for the shopping community.

We have enjoyed sharing all the news about the blogshopping community and hope to continue to do so. However, we found it equally important that anyone should have a chance to share their knowledge too. We believe that everyone has their own unique share of stories. Therefore, we invite you to join us!

Be part of the Blogshop Magazine Community!

Who can become a Blogshop Magazine’s Writer?

Anyone! We do not need you to be an established writer or blogger. All we need is your passion and good command of writing. However, we would need to take a look at your sample writing if you do not have a blog.

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Contact us with a brief description of yourself, your relevant skills and topics of interest.
  • Attached URLs to some of your work or portfolio (Just URLs will do).
  • Finally, suggest some topics you are passionate to write about or the types of articles you would like to write for us.

We are interested in forging long term collaborations with our guest writers. We’ll provide you with detailed guidelines and suggestions, so you will know exactly what we expect and what we are interested in.

Rewards and Benefits

  • Each guest writer is acknowledged at the bottom of the article as the author along with a link to official website and twitter account as well as a short and detailed biography.
  • Great exposure to a persistently huge growing traffic.
  • Receive recognition and appreciation from a group of loyal audiences.

Before your article is published we will definitely make sure both sides have an affirmative consensus on the terms and conditions.

If you have the knowledge, passion and time, we have an audience waiting for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us and join our Blogshop Magazine community as a guest writer now!