Exclusive Review: The Pastel House, Providing Fashionable Clothing

Despite stiff competition in online shopping industry, potential new shops continue to show their ability to provide more choices for online shoppers.

We are thrilled to learn more about The Pastel House and its story in our exclusive interview.

The Pastel House


The Pastel House aims to provide young working adults with exclusive and fashionable clothing at pocket friendly prices.

Also, they aim to self manufacture all their clothing to maintain its exclusiveness. Most importantly, they are very strict with the material quality selection of their products, as they want their customers to return for more.

We have received The Perfect Tulip Tube Dress in Mulberry and Black for review.

The Perfect Tulip Tube Dress in Mulberry and Black


This dress is exclusively manufactured by The Pastel House. It comes with detachable and adjustable straps. Therefore, you can choose to wear it as a tube dress or spaghetti dress. It also comes with concealed side zip and anti slip at bust area.

Priced at $29, it is amazing that the material is of such high quality as it is definitely worth the price. It is available in two alternative colours, white and tangerine or black and red.


It is comfortable as working clothes or for your night out. For working ladies, wear a blazer over it during work and a pair of comfortable low heels. After work, be prepared to strut the streets for your night’s out.


PTP : 14″ – 15″

Bust to Bottom : 26″

Fits UK 6 – 8 best

Exclusive Interview

We are honored to know more about The Pastel House founded by couple Jessica and Leslie. Jessica is the main designer and model for the shop while Leslie does the backroom works such as logistics.

  1. Is this the first time that you start your own online business?

The Pastel House: Yes, This is the first time.

  1. How long have you been in this industry?

The Pastel House: Since Jan 2012.

  1. What was the reason for you to start this business?

The Pastel House: Jessica had enough of buying low quality dress from other online shops. With her exceptionally good and unique dress sense, she decided to start this business to bring all ladies out there with good quality dress yet not compromising on design. We will never compromise quality for design.

  1. What future plans do you have for this business?

The Pastel House: We are hoping to bring out the best for our customers. Bringing in more self-manufactured clothes for our customers. Also, we hope to open a brick and mortar boutique for The Pastel House.

  1. What was the main thing that motivates you to continue with this business despite the unfavourable conditions?

The Pastel House: To provide the best to our existing customers.

  1. Where do you seek for customers?

The Pastel House: Forums, adverts, as long as there are potential customers, we will be there!

  1. What exactly makes your online business stand out from the rest?

The Pastel House: Our self-manufactured clothes from Jessica’s unique dress sense and good quality dress.

  1. What are the most memorable events or lessons learnt from starting this online business?

The Pastel House: Working with suppliers and our Hong Kong Trip to get new and unique designs.

Overall Review

The Pastel House had just started its own journey and is trying to pave its way in this industry. Its unique fashionable sense and direction will eventually prove its worth. We hope they will succeed and continue their passion.

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