9 Trending BlogShop Models In The Market

Have you ever purchased any apparel from an online shop because of its model? It is common as most of the models are similar to the shoppers’ sizes and age group. Therefore, most shoppers would use the model as the guideline to purchase the item.

Join us in knowing the 9 trending blogshop models currently in the market.

Blogshop Models

Blogshop Models

With a surge in online shopping, online shop owners brought about a different level of experience by changing to professional photography in studio or outdoors with gorgeous young models that are mostly fresh-faced. Most importantly, these models appear out of nowhere and will scattered all around the shops. Therefore, it is common to see one model being used by different shops.

Most of these models are on freelance or part-time basis. Many of them are seldom pinned as exclusive resident models. However, some owners do have fixed models after working with them on a regular basis. These resident models would not be eligible to appear any where else should other shop owners approach them.

The lifespan of a popular blogshop model may not be long as this industry is constantly on a lookout for new faces. Nevertheless, it is an interesting job as you will get to know people and enjoy the thrill of modelling.

Continue to read to learn more about the current hot in demand models.

Su Ann

Credits to In House Fashion and Her Velvet Vase

Known for her pretty and sweet look, Su Ann (Wong) has become an all-time favourite among the shops owners. She has modeled for various shops such as In House Fashion and Her Velvet Vase.

Mio Lin

Credits to Chaceylove and Frockettes

With mixed ancestry, Mio Lin is becoming the new hot model for hire as seen from her modeling splat for Chaceylove, Frockettes and other shops.


Credits to Shopperslane and Vogue Avenue

With an alluring personality and dazzling smile, Winnie (Seah) is considered as the model for hire as seen from her long-time works for shops such as Shopperslane and Vogue Avenue.

Jing Yi

Credits to FlymetoParis and Lovey Lolli.

Sweet and adorable Jing Yi (Liew) is making her way to one of the favourites with her charming smile. She models for various shops such as Flymetoparis and Loveylolli.

Fang Ning

Credits to Dot and Lolliepop Bestie

Lovely long-legged model, Fang Ning captures attention with her excellent model proportion. She models for various shops such as Dot and Lolliepopbestie.


Credits to Dressabelle and My Little Bow

Tisha, a highly sought after professional model that carries all kinds of looks .She models for various shops such as Dressabelle and My Little Bow.


Credits to Earl Grey Party and Pieceofcloth

Demure and adorable Brenda (Ng) brings off her own unique style. She models for various shops such as Earl Grey Party and Pieceofcloth.


Credits to The Velvet Dolls and The SummerLoft

With a constant appealing look, Apple (Yap) models for several shops such as The Velvet Dolls and The Summer Loft.

Ee Xuan

Credits to Polkadotpigs and Little Red Heels

With an amazing display of different styles, Ee Xuan (Ng) models for various shops such as Polkadotpigs and Little Red Heels.


If you are keen in trying out as a blogshop model, do not hesitate to take the first step by sending your resumes to the potential shops.

We believe there are more trending blogshop models we have yet to discover. Do share with us on your favourite model listed or other models you would like to recommend!