10 Successful Blogshops To E-commerce Shops

Have you ever wonder when did the trend for blogshops started? It has been an overwhelming sensation for online shopping world that a blogshop stands a chance in converting to a fully equipped e-commerce shop.

We have watched how some of these blogshops struggled to attain the status they have now.

Join us in our journey to know how these online fashion boutiques came about and their historical events.

Her Velvet VaseHer Velvet Vase

Sisters Magdalene and Clare Chan founded Her Velvet Vase in March 2007. These sisters paved a road for themselves and created their own branding. Started off on a livejournal platform, Her Velvet Vase successfully switched to e-commerce shop back in the 2009.

They strongly believed that an Internet based venture would be a potential success with girls that simply didn’t have the time to shop at brick and mortar stores.

With over 8000 fan base on facebook, stay connected with them through Facebook.

Earl Grey Party

Founded by Furry, EGP started holding preorders for unique shoes that is imported from Seoul on a livejournal platform. The overwhelming response from their strong supporting customers definitely opened up doors for EGP to bring in more fabulous fashion apparels, bags and accessories.

2010 marks the starts of EGP’s collection launches. November 2009 marks a special month for EGP, as they have taken a bold step of expansion to move to an e-commerce site.

With over 900 plus followers on twitter and almost 6000 fans on facebook. Earl Grey Party has really come a long way. Stay connected with them through Twitter and Facebook!


Ohsofickle is an online fashion boutique founded by Tammy Tay with the help of her best friend Lye back in 2007. Ohsofickle was formerly known as Twistandkiss. It first start selling 2nd hand clothings on livejournal platform. In 2008, Ohsofickle started selling a wide range of fashion-forward ladies apparels, ranging from flirtatious frocks to leather jackets.

They have successfully moved to an e-commerce site back in 2009. In Dec 2009, Ohsofickle held it’s first fashion show at St James Powerhouse. Ohsofickle opened its first store at Haji Lane in January 2009 & the 2nd outlet at Far East Plaza in March 2009.

With over 12,000 fans on facebook, stay connected with them at Facebook.


Established in September 2007, Ohvola is an online fashion retailer based in Singapore. Currently managed by the Zhou sisters – Lucinda and Jolene, Ohvola carries a wide and extensive range of female apparels and accessories.

From imported to exclusively manufactured apparels, Ohvola aspires to present her customers a higher level of shopping experience. Retiring from the livejournal platform, Ohvola has created a professional, user-friendly and e-commerce website in 2011.

With fuss-free shopping and quicker response time, expect a one-of-a-kind experience that brings shopping at Ohvola to a brand new level.

With over 11,000 fans on facebook and 2000+ followers on twitter, stay connected with them at Twitter and Facebook.

My Glamour Place

MGP was founded in 2006 on blogspot.com by founder Angela Ang and her team. Although they have successfully switched to an ecommerce system, they continue to maintain personalised shopping experience like before. In fact with the use of technology, shopping with them would be filled with greater ease and comfort.

MGP’s apparels are known for being trendy, affordable and of good quality. Majority of their products carries their labels and are crafted downright from the selection of fabric.

With over 7000 fans on facebook and 500+ followers on twitter, stay connected with them at Twitter and Facebook!


Agneselle started out as a blogshop using livejournal domain back in 28th August 2007. Founded by Peiling and Agnes, the business and customer base expanded progressively and they have managed to switch to an e-commerce platform in early 2011.

With over 4000 facebook fans, stay connected with them on Facebook.


Lolliepopbestie is an online fashion boutique that is founded by Katherine and Jackie in 2008. Its humble beginnings started from sourcing apparels locally and moved on to finding quality and fashion trending apparels around the globe.

Lollipopbestie launched its very first self-manufactured design in 2009. They have successfully switched to e-commerce site in late 2010.

With over 400 facebook fans, stay connected with them at Facebook.


Founded back in late 2007 by Janis. Catwalkclose has evolved from its humble roots. It has grown over these past years and finally; they switched to an e-commerce site from livejournal platform in late 2011.

With over 7000 facebook fans and 2000+ twitter followers, stay connected with them at Twitter and Facebook.


Allthingslovely is started up by three budding lady entrepreneurs from NTU, Carmen, Hanni & Wan Ting from different fields of study in early 2009. They have successfully evolved to a fully functional e-commerce shop in late 2011.

With over 500 followers on twitter and 1000 over facebook fans, stay connected with them on Twitter and Facebook.


Founded in late 2008, Eating Zombie has been constantly upgrading. All apparels and accessories are carefully picked and sourced globally. Their prices are moderated and fixed to bring in the best value for all the apparels featured on the site.

Finally, they have evolved to an e-commerce site with the support of their loyal customers. With over 4000 facebook fans and 500 over twitter followers. Stay connected with them on Twitter and Facebook.


Each shop has its own unique piece of history. They differ from each other in terms of their thinking, passion and attitude. Those who sustained till the end can enjoy the fruits of their success. However, this is not the end of the story.

In fact, there will still be more room for improvements as the fashion industry is always evolving. With the changing trends and hectic lifestyles, online shopping will still prove to be the most convenient solution.

Therefore, do not give up if you have just step into this industry and wish to fulfill your dreams. Our piece of advice is to continue to make your dreams come true through your passion and effort!

Do you have any examples you wish to share with us? Simply comment below!