The Facts Of Most BlogShop Failure Revealed By Blogger

Failure touches everyone who lives on this planet one way of another. All you have to do is to ask about the life story of someone or just surf around on the Internet to know that many people are failing constantly.

Some failed because of poor management or simply lack of planning, while others might fail just because of unforeseen circumstances. There are many causes of failures, and the list could go on for pages. But our question is not concerned with the causes. We are looking for the reasons for failing.

To say failure is because of lack of planning or because of poor marketing is not nearly enough. Our question goes far beneath the surface, where it hit at the very roots of personal commitment and capability.

You may argue that success is a result of constant failure. But why have to go through the hardship and anguish feeling of failure yourself, when you could just learn from others blogshop failure? What’s better way to head start your blogshop now? We have especially gathered the feedbacks of fellow blogshop bloggers on their experience and we are here to share with you.

Poor Time & Business ManagementPoor Time & Business Management

You take too long to answer a product inquires; you never deliver on time what customers have ordered. You lost track of the order list and you could find the mailing address of your customers. All these are signs of poor time and business management, and if you can’t fix them or handle them on the tip of your finger then you might not suit for this line.

The Green Horn

Yes, you become better after the first time. Experiences takes time to build up and you will learn those important lessons that aren’t taught in classroom. Remember those lessons and put your experience into good use by constant improvement and innovation. This will eventually bring you close to success.

Poor Blog Shop Design

Consider your blog shop design, the first impression customers will have when they visit your site. The blogshop design is not meant to cause failure, but if the design is no attractive, you will feel the pinch gradually. You may outsource your design to third party.

A Poor Standard Of Customer Service And Quality Control

The same is true for service delivery. Good service is necessary to retain customer and build up customer loyalty and trust. But if blog shop insists on providing under par service quality then they are bound to suffer obviously. We can both go along with the poor service and just concentrate on earning on a one time sales or we can improve and change our standard in order to gain the heart of the customers. Satisfied customer is an exceptionally vital ally in the world of viral marketing.

Misuse of BlogShop Advertising Media

Something else to remember about blogshop failure is the availability of free blogshop advertising. If not for the free blogshop advertising, we would all have to pay to advertise ourselves. But the same privilege is going to cause headache for those who misused such services.


While it’s chicken feet to start a online blog shop, turning your blogshop into a gold mine is not that simple as first thought. No matter what kind of business you intend to venture, always plan and do your research well. Is your blogshop a success or failure? Share with us.