3 Blogshops With Amazing Collections

We are finally approaching the weekends! Are you urgently in need of some serious shopping yet running out of places to shop at? Well, then you have to check out these 3 blogshops with such amazing collections!



Dandzelia was established in 2009 and now, they are already at their 70th collection! They bring in such beautiful and vibrant colored pieces that make us want everything!



Ivorypastel is currently at their 12th collection. They have such unique pieces that are looking super comfy! Who says looking good and feeling comfortable cannot coexist?

Hope Alethia


Hope Alethia made its debut collection in 2010 offering a range of supplied stock at affordable prices. They then moved on to design and manufacture their own label. Most importantly, it is really admirable that Hope Alethia donates $1 from each dress under Hope Label to a charity of choice. You can do your part too by purchasing from their Hope Label!

So what are you waiting for? Visit their blogshops today!