A Shop A Day: Theboldboutique, Classy and Fabulous

Our time to introduce the shop of the day, Theboldboutique managed by two lovely ladies Angeline and Yiling.


Theboldboutique just released their debut collection for this month. They are considered newbies in this industry but with an open and keen mind, they are ready to conquer the shopping world.


Starting a business is always tough. When you have passed the start-up phase successfully, you will begin to worry about maintaining and growing your business. Goals are set to make sure you try your best to achieve them. If you failed, do not fret as there are many others who are in the same boat as you. Learn from your failures and do not give up.

It is common that it would be difficult to get sales coming in straightaway. Nevertheless, there are several ways that you can promote your shop and gain traffic.

Theboldboutique is owned by two ladies, Angeline and Yiling. Together with their photographer Jack and their elegant model Abbie, they managed to launch their debut collection based on outdoor themes. Most starting online shops would try to do cover shoot in the studio to minimize the charges of an outdoor shoot. However, Theboldboutique proved themselves to be bold enough in this area by doing an outdoor shoot.

Their debut collection mainly consists of female casual wear suitable for young ladies that are in their 20s.


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Overall Review

We are attracted by their shop’s name, Theboldboutique. With a strong concept on being bold, they managed to show it by holding an outdoor photoshoot which seldom happens for newbies. We hope that they will continue to thrive well in this business and never give up easily.