A Shop A Day: FaireJoli, Pure Urbane Style

It’s Wednesday again and time to introduce the shop of the day. We have managed to secure an exclusive review with FaireJoli, an online e-commerce shop providing affordable female apparels.



How does it begin? Every shop has its own story therefore here we have a brief description of the shop’s history.

Faire Joli, means “Look Pretty” in French! Having encountered more misses than hits, Jolene’s obsession soon turned into frustration as it was simply too difficult to shop with confidence online. When she was on an overseas trip to Korea, she was introduced to the owner of an apparel factory. From then on, she decided to go direct to suppliers and factories that she has visited personally.


FaireJoli execute a special kind of policy named as ‘Share the Love Policy’

In reality, factories work with Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Therefore, it is difficult to approach them and demand them to produce a single piece of apparel. As such, Jolene came out with a solution by buying a few more pieces of her apparel in mind to share the love.


FaireJoli has their own manufactured label imported direct from Korea to ensure quality material and workmanship. At the same time, they source for parallel importers, factory outlets and end-of-season designs from boutique and designer labels. Constantly on the lookout for gorgeous clothes, they bring in designs from various countries wherever they travel!


Starting in November, they will be working with boutique designers to come up with their very own exclusive own designs. This is where they are able to provide high quality and assurance for the customers.


*All images are taken as-it-is, what you see is what you get!

Overall Review

After browsing through their collections, we realized that FaireJoli has a great sense of direction in providing the style they want. Besides importing from other countries, they strive to provide the best of collections by trying to come up with unique and exclusive designs on their own. Remember to look forward to their new collection! You may want to keep up with their news by following them @fairejoli on Twitter or FaireJoli on Facebook!

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