A Shop A Day: M-wanted, Men’s Korean Fashion Store

Looking forward to the weekend? It is Wednesday, the day in the middle. We have come up with a brand new concept for every Wednesday, A Shop A Day!

Whether you are an e-commerce shop, a starting blogshop or an online fashion store, we welcome you to our community. Our main target is to promote unknown shops that are still hidden in the wide array of shops.

Our very first shop of the day is M-Wanted, Men’s Korean Fashion Store.

A Shop A Day M-wanted, Men’s Korean Fashion Store

M-Wanted is a Singapore registered company proudly launched by 6 big fashion lovers. Their products such as menswear, accessories offered are 100.1% made in Korea. Although they are still at its fresh beginning, their first launch is aiming at MEN’s casual and trendy wears. However, they aim in bringing more and wider selections.

A Shop A Day M-wanted, Men’s Korean Fashion Store

100.1% Import from Korea

M-Wanted is partnered with Korean who works closely with all the wholesalers in Korea to ensure the latest and best designs are offered here.

A Shop A Day M-wanted, Men’s Korean Fashion Store

*All photos are proudly modeled by founders of this business.

Follow them on facebook and @m_wanted_com for more news.

Overall Review

M-Wanted in our opinion is unique in their own sense as there are not many shops which cater to males. Korean fashion seems to be on the upcoming trend. Therefore, bringing in Korean male apparels would definitely help to boost the male shopping scene.

We hope M-wanted continue to thrive well in this business and promote the awareness of male shopping too.

Share your thoughts with us on how to improve the male shopping scene.