10 Updated Blogshops That You Should Follow

With so many lovely shops out there, which one should you purchase from? The price range and type of collection is definitely the number one priority. Next would be how they broadcast their shop news. Here we have come up with a simple list of 10 updated blogshops that you should follow.



Follow them at @legrandeurs andLegrandeurs



Follow them at @lovefiiefiie and Lovefiiefiie



Follow them at @ashincans and Ashincans



Follow them at @sixntwelve and SixnTwelve



Follow them at @chaceylove and Chaceylove



Follow them at @TheLabelLove and Ameline-anne



Follow them at @eternityloft and Eternityloft



Follow them at @PegsandParcels and PegsandParcels



Follow them at @twistpolka and Twistpolka



Follow them at @MelroseMedley and MelroseMedley

How do you keep track of your favourite blogshops? Follow them on twitter and facebook. These are the most common social media tools that most blogshops’ owners are using, which coincidentally are part of their advertising platform.

Whenever there is an upcoming collection, owners will post the related images on facebook as preview for the shoppers. This will help to harness more attention and aid in increasing the number of shoppers. As a result when the collection is launched. The shoppers would be ready to place their order.

Twitter is another tool that is closely related to facebook. With the new function of connecting your facebook account with twitter, you can broadcast at both places at the same time. It has the almost the same function by tweeting about the latest collection and shops’ updates.

Are there any shops that you would like to add to our list? Feel free to comment below!