5 Great Websites For Flea Markets

No matter if you are a blogshop owner or not, flea markets are not to be missed by any chance. Flea markets are great ways for you to clear your leftover stock and earn some extra fast cash. For young entrepreneurs, this is a great opportunity to start your own business ball rolling.

Here we recommend you 5 great websites that are updated with the latest flea events.





5 Great Websites For Flea Markets







However, some efforts need to be put in before gaining your extra credit. First of all, you need some capital for rental of stall; either with a co-partner or set up by your own. Next is the goods part, where you use your current stock or seek for new ones. Last but not least, you need to get the word out by promoting about your upcoming participation as a flea market stall owner! If you have a online website, publish about your upcoming stall. Try all means of getting the word out, either by texting your friends, facebook or twitter.

These are great ways to boost your sales and expect more customers to turn up for the fleas.

The prices marked at these fleas are definitely at a lower rate. The main aim is to assist in clear your existing stock or aid you in promoting your upcoming blogshop.

So where can you set up your stall? Sourcing out the best place for your stall is can be a pain.

Do you have any websites that you frequently visit to keep up to date with the flea markets happening in Singapore? Share with us below.