10 Great Ways To Influence Your BlogShop Visitors To Make Them Take Action

If you have a BlogShop, what matters next is to have people buying your products. But how can you influence your BlogShop Visitor online and make them want to buy your products? Here we discuss some ways that will help you do just that.

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To influence someone means to exert power over the minds and behavior of others. The kinds of power that can affect, persuade, and convince someone. But before you can start to influence people, you need to discover what is already influencing them.

Some of questions you should ask are:

  • What do they care about?
  • What attracts them?
  • Who are your target customers?
  • Who is viewing your blogshop and checking out your products?

10 Great Ways to Influence Your BlogShop Visitors to Make Them Take Action

In the cyber world, there isn’t the advantage of meeting and getting to know everyone. You won’t have the bonus of learning their life and reading their preferences by their words, appearance and behavior. So knowing the above answers is essential to influence your audience. The art is to find and analyze general patterns of human behavior or thought.

1. Display Ratings and Reviews by Other Buyers



People love to read ratings and reviews by other buyers when making first time purchases. One reason is that when ratings and review are clearly displayed, they help to unconsciously trigger people’s need for social assurance while allowing them to rationalize that they are making a smart choice.

People always look to others when deciding what to do, especially when they are not sure of what action to take. This explained why there are so many trends followers rather than trend-setter.

So allow your visitors the ability to rate and review products on your BlogShop. Make sure those ratings and reviews are displayed clearly on each product pages. You should also allow users to include more information about themselves such as their gender, name, occupation, country etc. This makes the reviews more credible as it creates an instant personality.

2. Use Call to Action Words to Create an Instant Gratification

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People often are influenced by how fast they can have the products. Experiment has shown that people reacted better when they were asked to choose between getting $10 now or $50 at a later date. Most of them choose getting something rewarding right away rather that then more amounts at the later date.

You can take advantage of the nature of human even you’re not selling digital product or something that ships the next day. Words such as “Immediately”, “Instantly”, “Right Now” or “Fast” can activate the same emotional triggers that will engage your visitors. So integrate these similar calls to action words or phrases into your site copy to increase your sales.

3. Put the Most Important Action to be Done First

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If you want your visitors to buy a specific product the most, make sure it is listed first on the page and is highlighted in order to direct all the maximum attention to it. Study on e-commerce site has revealed that visitors tends to pick up items that first appear on the page 3 times more than any others. This is usually an unconscious preference.

The basic explanation for this is simple: what comes first is unconsciously regarded as the best. So if you notice a product not in the first spot that converts better than the one that is, switch the places and sales may grow better. Always push for the products that you best want to sell and placed them on the first spot so it is the first to be seen your visitors when they lands on your website.

4. Increase the Value by Scarcity

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When you put a limited amount or time to something, its assumed values increases. People will want it even more. This is a common tactic that most online marketers and offline/online retailers use.

You can manipulate this technique by combining exclusivity by restricting access to a limited number of people by either providing coupon discount or paid membership programs etc. Make your product/offers limited by showing a limited stock quantity or time frame while offer exclusivity to demonstrate the premium value.

5. Master the Art of Reciprocity by giving Free Stuffs


Though people like free stuffs, they tend to be plagued by a sense of indebtedness, which will unconsciously they want to get rid of by giving something back. You can create this felling of indebtedness in your visitor’s brain by giving away free products, content, downloads or free shipping.

Research shows that visitors are twice more likely to complete a survey from after they were given access to free useful information as compared to being allowed access to the information only after completing the survey. Reciprocity does play a big part in actual audience responsiveness.

6. Combine Sexuality, Food and Danger to Your Benefits

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The most popular sales techniques are using visually appealing images or create exciting situation that are related to sexuality, mouth-watering food or potential danger. All these three topics will put you in a keen state of awareness, which is inevitable as this is the human instinct.

When you are in such state of awareness, any things that you encounter are more deeply engraved into your brain. That’s why sexy woman are often associate with alcoholic, cosmetic or fashion products.

You can hire beautiful and sexy models to promote your products or provides free food or restaurant complimentary vouchers. The models could be posing in a dangerous situation or holding intriguing items. Integrate each of these three topics into your BlogShop will be an interesting challenge.

7. Promote Bundles and Decide For You Visitors


When people are presents with too many options or choices, they will often becomes indecisive and almost time wasting. In the end, nothing was concluded. While people think they would prefer with many choices, subconsciously, they would like others to decide for them.

You can solve this problem by not needing to reduce the variety or range of products you are selling. What you can do is choose for your visitor. For instant, you can moved certain products into “Most Popular” or “Top 5 choices” list which is then displayed prominently on your BlogShop.

You can also ask the visitors certain questions by creating a poll or survey in order to ascertain what product suits them the best. The final result will show the recommend products for his/her specific needs.

Bundle products could means that instead of allowing visitors to select the primary product first and then choose an add-on, you promote a product bundle and then allow them to subtract items from their final order. This will create a feeling that visitors do not feel ‘losing’ something.

8. Talk to Your Visitor One at a Time


Tell your visitors what they can benefit if they buy your products by addressing them as individual rather than the mass. This will attract the individual attention and shown that you care. People are self-centered and usually focused on what is good for themselves, hence it’ll often unconsciously prefer what better emphasizes how “You” can benefit.

Write as if you are talking to a person sitting in front of you. She is your potential customer, your BlogShop’s follower and she is your friend. You can use slang or community lingo to connect with them even more. Speak their language and this is a great personalization strategy.

9. Make Use of Attractive Images To Woo Your Visitors


This is something similar to pointer number 6. Use the images of attractive people who are similar to your target market’s demographic profile. People are always most influenced by people they deem to be similar and attractive to them.

So in order to make your products even more appealing, you need a human face that will be the focal point of your visitor empathy and connection. A made-up history, life story, pen names, design or stock photographs can do just that even it could be entirely simulated.

10. Be A Good Story Teller and Commit Your Visitors


People are love to find out how and what people are doing. So you have to use stories as part of you sales copy and knit them into your blog post or content. When we read or listen to a story, our brain react as though we are undergoing the same experience ourselves.

When a beautiful told story are presented with attractive images, it can be very powerful way to immediately grab attention, convey information and ensure your reader preserve your message.

Story telling is a great way of persuasion and just like a hypnotic process. You can create the perfect story by relating as your own and then get your visitors to make a commitment. You can ask your visitor to make a commitment by displaying your BlogShop badge to promote free trade. Once people made a small commitment first, they are more likely to take action after that.

Ready to Up Your Sales?

Here you are 10 great ways to influence your BlogShop visitors and make them take action. These methods of extending influence are easily applicable in most circumstances so put them into action as soon as you finish reading.

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